Customised Vans

Keep scrolling to get some ideas about how we can create the perfect custom van conversion. 

Create your own custom van

It may seem overwhelming, but getting on the road in your own custom van is easier than you think. Reach #vanlife quicker with us. 

Here we will go through a few different layout options to get your creative juices flowing. Then some different build packages to get you thinking about what you need in your van. 

Don’t forget

This is your van – you can fully customise ANY part you like. 

How we customise your van build


Choose the layout to suit how you want use your van.

The two main layout types are ‘G-shaped’ or galley. 

L-shaped layouts usually prevent opening up between the front cabin and the living area, and instead focus on maximising space for storage.

Galley style are great if you are wanting to upgrade to swivel seats and have your main dining and living area up front. 


Cook up a storm in your own portable kitchen.

Choose from a domestic style kitchen, or RV style. 

Select the colour of your bench tops and cabinets, just like you would with a bricks and mortar home. 

Add a microwave, cooktop or even an oven.


Have your own bathroom space, made just how you would like it.

There are so many options with bathroom facilities. You can have a dedicated cubicle, or you can have your toilet and shower hidden away, designed to pop out when you need them. 

The choice really is up to you and how you would like to use it. 


Equip yourself to travel to the most remote places in Australia.

Choosing the right exterior features is vital to your safety and comfort when travelling around Australia. It all depends on where you would like to go. 

We can add extra wheel lift to tackle tracks normally out of bounds for RVs. We can add bullbars to protect you when driving at dawn or dusk. Tackle the most stone filled roads with stone guards. 

Be sure to have adequate shade from the Aussie sun with a motorised awning.

Planning on travelling at night? Be sure to have great lighting.


Take the things you love with you!

Whether you’re a surfer, kayaker, mountain biker, scuba diver or rock-climber (or anything else really!) – be sure to have enough space to take care of your equipment. 

Add custom storage just for your hobby, such as a custom roof rack for surfboards, or a dedicated van ‘garage’ area with a built in shower to rinse off sandy wetsuits, or with sockets to charge your ebike. 

Your storage area to suit the way you want to enjoy Australia.

Custom Van Build Packages

All of these packages are meant to cater to two adults.

Choose any of our recommended layouts or create your own!

Please let us know if you would like to add additional function to cater to children, teens or pets. 


Van Conversion Layout Ideas


For those who value storage and function

Plenty of internal storage

Heaps of overhead storage too

Larger worktops, perfect for cooking

Multi functional bed and living area


For people who value a feeling of space through their van

Maximizes light and space through the van

Access inside from both doors

Multifunctional sleeping and living space

Plenty of space for storage


For those who want to have plenty of living space inside

Comfortable and spacious living and dining space

Make the most of driver and passenger seating

Cosy bed area that stays – no need to put it up and down each day

Large ‘Garage’ area for storage


For those who value space over stealth or have a family to accomodate

Pop-top makes the most of space

Dedicated living and sleeping areas

Plenty of storage space

Great for families or groups

Start your custom van build

Building a custom van with Roadtrek is easier than you think. And we can work with any van you intend to buy or already have.

We can work with used, brand new or even vintage vans, of all makes and models. 

Whether you want to have vintage vibes, or a modern tiny home aesthetic. We can do it. 

Call us on 03 8637 5060 and ask for custom van builds.

We email you a custom quote and when we can start your build and how long it will take.

Bring your van in and we will call you when it's ready.

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Be one of only three people to get into a brand new, fully customisable LDV motorhome van conversion. 

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