Caravan Repairs

Whatever brand, type or size of caravan you have – we can help repair it to keep it road ready. 

Motorhome electrical system

Caravan Electrics

Caravans are often set up to get power via on shore, solar or even wind. The electrics for each caravan can be unique, they can use all different kinds of batteries and equipment. 

We are able to repair whatever kind of electrical issue you may be having with your caravan, and recommend repairs and parts that will keep you road ready. 

RV Sink

Caravan Plumbing

Caravans are often made to hook into an exterior water source, or to carry water tanks. They can have taps both internally and externally, allowing the recycling of water. 

We can support with repairing and replacing your tanks, pipes, taps, water heater, pump, filter and whatever else you need to keep your caravan in working order. 


Motorhome cabinetry

Caravan Cabinetry

Caravan cabinetry can be tricky to repair or replace as it is designed to maximise storage and usability. 

We have expert cabinet makers and carpenters with experience in caravans. We can help you replace your cabinet doors, latches, hinges, locks and shelving.

Caravan Exteriors

If you have found your caravan has exterior damage, it can be daunting to try and find professional help to fix it. This could be from weather damage, wear and tear or accidents. 

Exterior damage can be cosmetic or structural, we can support both.

Our team can make sure your caravan is weather sealed, structurally sound, and looks great!

Corner view of caravan exterior

Caravan Slide Outs

If your slide out is no longer working as expected then our team can help you repair it. 

As a slide out is structural, you need to be sure you are relying on professionals to repair it correctly. 

Our team can provide that support.

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