Water and Plumbing Servicing

Be sure you have the right water storage, filters, and plumbing for your RV, motorhome, camper or caravan, 

Water tank with rock guard on van conversion motorhome

Water Tanks

It can be very challenging to find and fit the right sized water tanks. 

We can help you source the right sized tank, and fit it with custom-made components. We can even support you with stone guards to prevent your new tanks from getting damaged. 

RV Sink

Water Pumps

The right water pump enables you to use your stored water. We can fit the highest quality water pumps and plumb them in as you need. 

This could be to external taps, showers and kitchen taps. 

We can help you find the right pump for your set up or a replace an old one. 


Water Heating

There is nothing better than being able to have hot water in your own home on wheels. Being able to wash your dishes in your own kitchen, and enjoy a hot shower and an ocean swim. 

We can find 12v and 240v water heaters so you can enjoy hot water with or without shore power. 

If your water heating is broken, needs fixing or replacing, trust in us to help you find the right replacement. 

Taps and Sinks

Repair or replace your old tap or sink. We can find the right sink for your rig, no matter how much space you have for it. 

We can plumb in your taps, mixer taps and even home style sinks. You don’t need to limit yourself to RV or caravan parts.

Water filters

Having an inbuilt water filter allows you to drink your own stored water, without having to rely on bottled water. 

Replace, upgrade or add water filters to your caravan, RV, camper or motorhome. 

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