Electrical Upgrades

There are plenty of reasons and ways to upgrade your electrical system for your RV, motorhome, camper, conversion or caravan. 

Motorhome electrical system


There are a few different ways to charge your batteries. This can include solar, wind, shore power and from the engine (DC2DC).

Depending on how you plan on travelling will change which charging method is right for you. 

Ask our professional team now for help on choosing the right set up. 


Desk with laptop charging in a motorhome


We can help you with your conversion no matter the age of your base vehicle. In fact – we love a retro moment!

We make sure the foundations of your conversion are up to scratch before we begin so you can be assured your bus or truck conversion is built to last. 



Whether you are starting your conversion from scratch, refurbishing or upgrading an existing conversion or need help with just a part of the work – we can help you!

We do full end-to-end conversions, upgrades or hybrid support. 

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