Kitchen Upgrades

We can help you upgrade your cooktop, sink, in-built appliances and kitchen storage to better suit your needs on the road. 

Roadtrek team member working on a motorhome

Professional Support

Not only can we help you fit your in-built appliances to the highest professional standard, but we can help you be sure that you have the right power and water set up to support your new kitchen. 

We pride ourselves on work that is of the highest professional standard, using the very best parts and materials. 


RV Kitchen Microwave

Appliance Upgrade

We can help you fit in appropriate ovens, microwaves, induction cook tops and gas cook tops.

We can also help you upgrade your electrical set up to support air fryers, blenders, coffee machines and whatever else you need to be comfortable on the road. 


RV Sink

Sinks and Water

We can support you with adding larger sinks, fold down sinks, upgraded taps, home style sinks and taps, water filters and water heaters. Our team can help you choose the right sink and water set up for you. 

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