Conversion Repairs

We are experts in building, servicing, repairing and maintaining van, truck and bus conversions of all shapes, ages and sizes. 

Smashed van conversion front view

Van Conversion Repairs

There are a huge array of van conversions out there. Whether you have built your conversion yourself, had support, or purchased it already converted, we can help you keep your van conversion road ready. 


Bus conversion repair

Bus Conversion Repairs

Bus conversions can offer the space you need on the road, but they can also offer unique challenges when it comes to finding the right professional support. 

We have years of experience working with busses, and our workshop space is set out to cater for repairs on larger vehicles. 


Truck on a hoist

Truck Conversion Repairs

We can support you with any internal or external repair your truck conversion needs. 

From paneling, fiberglass and painting the exteriors, to repairing your custom cabinetry, plumbing and electrics. 

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