Stone Guard Upgrades

Protection against stones and rocks can come in all shapes and sizes. We can help you choose and fit the right one for your set up. 

Motorhome with stone guards

Protection on Dirt Roads

There are many Australian roads that are not tarmac, and they often lead to some of the most beautiful camping spots. 

Be sure that you can confidently drive down dirt tracks without worrying about damaging your rig with custom made rock and stone guards. 

Motorhome rock slides

ROck Sliders

Sometimes called running boards, side steps or rock sliders, these guards sit on the outside edges of your RV or Caravan to prevent stones flying up from underneath and damaging the sides. 


Stone guards under a motorhome over a water tank

Underbody Guards

We can make and manufacture custom underbody rock and stone guards and protectors to help ensure your tanks, pumps, plumbing and cables are safe from damage. 


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