Bus or Truck Conversions

If you’re planning on traveling long-term, or with your family then a truck or bus conversion is perfect for you. 

Interior of bus conversion - Drivers seat

Why convert a bus or truck?

A bus or truck affords you plenty of space to make it into a fully formed tiny home. 

Unlike smaller RVs a bus or truck allows you to have more traditional home features, like a full-sized sofa and lounge area, a spacious bedroom and an ensuite. 

Get all the benefits of living on the road, all whilst enjoying tiny home living. 

We convert Buses and Trucks of all sizes

Buses and trucks come in so many different sizes, and we can support all of them!

This includes minibusses, coaches, standard buses, long-ridged buses, and any 12.5m rigid truck. 

Once you have found your base vehicle, get in touch and we can help you with the next steps. 

Vintage Bus Front View

Vintage Conversions

We can help you with your conversion no matter the age of your base vehicle. In fact – we love a retro moment!

We make sure the foundations of your conversion are up to scratch before we begin so you can be assured your bus or truck conversion is built to last. 


Support at any stage

Whether you are starting your conversion from scratch, refurbishing or upgrading an existing conversion or need help with just a part of the work – we can help you!

We do full end-to-end conversions, upgrades or hybrid support. 

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