Caravan Refurbishment

We can help you modernise your caravan to make it the perfect home away from home. No matter the age or condition of your caravan, we can support you with your refurbishment. 

Side view of caravan

We refurbish caravans of all shapes and sizes

There are so many different caravans out there, whatever the shape, age or size of your caravan – we can help you. 


Vintage Caravan Refurbishment

Make your dreams of having a retro or vintage caravan a reality. 

We can help you keep your caravan looking vintage cool, all whilst upgrading it to have all the modern features you need to be comfortable on the road. 


Caravan outside Roadtrek

Expert Support

We can help you upgrade your electrical system, water and plumbing, cabinetry, structure or anything else you need. 

We have a team of professionals ready to help you. 

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